NEWS for Totally Top Shelf, Vintage Fair & Gami Gacha !

NEWS for Totally Top Shelf, Vintage Fair & Gami Gacha  And Aisha!

I have exciting news from the new round of Totally Top Shelf and a new event Gami Gacha! Both of which you will not want to miss…. And not forgetting a little something from Aisha!! ALSO, The Vintage Fair is coming soon so I will bring you more of that at a later date, June will be uber exciting!


First up Totally Top Shelf in a NEW location (LM to come as designers are still setting up!!) The event opens June 3rd until June 24th. There are tons of TOP Shelf Designers taking part this round and your main sponsors of the event are….
Moonlight Shadow
Just Another Shop

Today I am showing you just a few things that will be at the event, Call it an introduction to total awesomeness.

Tattoo – Velvet – Rusiana – Standard tattoo layer and HUD’s that work with Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and Slink will apply to chosen layer.

Skirt and Top – Poet’s Heart – Amaranth – Snow – Both in 5 standard mesh sizes and one non-rigged mesh, You also get a HUD that allows you to change the colour of the flowers and leaves.

Prop with built in pose  – Les Sucreries de Fairy – Under the Stars – Red


Let’s talk Gacha! I am very excited to be a blogger and bringer of NEWS for the new Gami Gacha event, The official start date is June 3rd and all information can be found on the webpage that I have linked for you guys, navigate the page to find the designers, sponsors and shopping guides ect…


Everything at the event will be NEW mesh and EXCLUSIVE, The rare items that are in a wheel of fortune will NOT be anywhere after the event so you really want to get your hands on these RARE items! So let me show you some of what you need 😉

Head Flowers and earrings – NAMINOKE – Lotus – Gold – COMMON

Bug (worn on top of head) Static – Scarabaeus – 08  – UNCOMMON

Hair – Mello – Fishbone – Pales – comes with little fishy side clips! COMMON

Eye Patch (WHITE ROSE) and Choker (GOLD)  – Le Coq D’or – Magic of Roses – COMMON

Horns (PURE) and Tongue (EXCLUSIVE ITEM) – Nightmare –  Crucio

Shoes – Tamagosenbei – Kuma – White Rice Bear Geta (worn with maitreya feet) COMMON


Aisha is at The Fantasy Collective with something different ! The theme is Modern Midsummer Nights Dream so what perfect way to express that with the beautiful gazebo I used in the photo’s. This is “Midnight dream” white/red, there is also white/white and wood frame with again red or white roses, it is sizeable so even if you’re the size of a pea you can use this ❤

Other stuff….

Head – The Sugar GardenKawaii Project Gacha Item – Mikki – Ulzzang

Eyes – IKON –  Spectral – Abyss

Body – Maitreya

Shape – Own

That is all for now my Dearest Readers ❤ I shall be back with more awesomeness soon.


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