Body moded cheerleaders? Something for the guys! BLASPHEMIC is your Dominant and 7DS rise at Dawn.

Body moded cheerleaders? Something for the guys! BLASPHEMIC is your Dominant and 7DS rise at Dawn.

Hey guys! I’ve been MIA for a few days due to RL family visiting … Well, I am now back to the grind and have some real goodies to show you!


Let’s start with my skin, it is by 7DS and this is “Dawn” this is available at Mesh Body Addicts, There are five tones to choose from and I am showing you the apricot tone, others are, caramel, pineapple, taupe and walnut in HUD’s that are compatible with Omega head, Omega body, Slink, Tango and phatazz, Each tone has two cleavage options, with or without. I am wearing mine with maitreya mesh body and Catwa Clips Candy mesh head.

My tattoo covers both body and face. This is by Aii and is at The Fantasy Collective. “Carved Warrior” has three levels of skin carving and they are Sore (worn) faded and one that falls between those two levels of harshness. There are standard tattoo layers and HUD’s that will apply to Omega and TMP meshes.

Vengeful Threads are at Genre, This time around it is all things “Sport” so it is a no brainer that my outfit is what’s there 😀 This is “Oni” a mesh outfit that includes sneakers with socks, Pom Pom left and right, alpha layers and shirt and skirt in standard mesh sizes PLUS you get the tail and the horns ! If you’re going to be a cheerleader then be a demonic one 😉

For accessories I used “Alexa collar” by BLASPHEMIC in red/silver, this is mesh and is sizeable via left click, There are tones of colours to choose from all of which have the silver or gold metal.

Plastik Flagship Store are at Men Only Monthly with Horns that I showed you in my previous post and these eyes, They BOTH/ALL are UNISEX items. These are “Frozen Soul” in Albion, each set has male and female fits and an experimental version that really does look like a real eye lense when viewed on profile, standard layers are also included.

My eye piercings are by Merlific and these are “Quatro” you get upper and lower attachments and you can move them to fit your face, these are compatible with none mesh and mesh. I am showing you the black.

Other stuff…

….. Nose piercings – JANGKA

Hair – Yasyn

That is all for now ❤ Happy Shopping!!!


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