NEW Releases, News from Merlific and Something for the guys!

NEW Releases, News from Merlific and Something for the guys!

Hey there! I recently looked over my blog page and realised I hadn’t changed my “look” since first starting so I jazzed it up a tad, Hope you like it! And, if you don’t? Let me know 🙂

So much to show you as always so let’s get to it, Roll the credits…


Merlific have an EXCLUSIVE item at this round of Kinky Event, it starts May 25th so please don’t go till then because designers are still setting up! Merlific’s exclusive design for this coming round is my ball gag “Punkette Gagball” has two versions RLV and a non-scripted although, both are sizeable and available in Metal Gold, grey and dark grey. I am also wearing “Quatro Eyes Piercings” and these are also by Merlific, they are a previous bodyfy item, I am wearing the black upper eye and lower eye, other colours are blue, pink, purple, red & white.

I am wearing eyes by Aii and these are at FGC, Left eye is “Silver curse” and the right is “Silver Corruption Wisp” these are from the Corrupted Visions gacha at the carnival. I am also wearing “Dark dragoness Tail” this is a previous gacha item and should now be in-store.

My make-up is by SlackGirl  and is available in-store. “Gaya” is FULL face make-up for Catwa and Omega compatible mesh heads and you also get standard layers for none mesh so you do not need a mesh head to wear this but bear in mind that although this is eye make-up it covers brows, blush and lips, there are 8 colours to choose from.


Chemical Princess has just released in-store my bodysuit, this is “Hunter Harness” with HUD to change the colour/texture and there are 10 options 5 are black and white patterns and 5 are white, red, purple and black with C*nt on and one with Princess. This will fit Isis, Freya, Hourglass, Physique, Venus and Lara Maitreya mesh bodies.

For Guys I am showing you “Swirl Horns” (THESE ARE UNISEX!!!) You have 5 colours to choose from and they are Acid, blood, Domino (worn) Naïve and Violent. Plastik Flagship Store have these (and a selection of eyes that I shall show in another post!) at Men only Monthly until June 15th.

Other Stuff ……

Piercings – JANGKA – previously at FGC

Hounds – Alchemy – Hell Hounds – Oblivion – RARE

Hair – Little Bones – Hello

Head – Candy – Catwa Clip

That’s all for today ❤ Enjoy the rest of the weekend and happy shopping!


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