SlackGirl, Chemical Princess, Poseidon, Aii & ZIBSKA!

SlackGirl, Chemical Princess, Poseidon, Aii & ZIBSKA!


So much awesomeness to show you today!! I have this amazing hair by ZIBSKA. This is for BOSL Fashion in Tresses hair show  from May 7th till May 21st. “Cathan Hair” will be available in-store and on the marketplace after the event, with the hair, you get a colour change HUD and Hair bases for TMP, Omega and standard layers in all there are 20 colours to choose from.

I am also wearing many items  By Aii – The ugly & beautiful. The blindfold “Kuro Oni Half Blindfold” is part of the Corrupted visions gacha at the FGC, This is one of the COMMONS, there are full blindfolds and eyes to collect, the eyes can be tinted. I am also wearing “Serpent Tongue” By Aii & “Sweetheart Succubus” set and that is the top and breasts and the drape, The breasts ARE Omega compatible AND there is an non-rigged version that is sizeable and you can tint the breasts to match your skin by editing linked parts and selecting the breasts ONLY. These are available at ROMP.

My eyes are By Chemical Princess and available at The Thrift Shop, “Cat Eyes” come in 8 colours and I am wearing the “Grey” colour. They are mesh, they can be moved to fit and there are two version and they are with blood and without blood, You will also get the standard eyes for those who prefer them.

The awesome make-up is By SlackGirl and is for Catwa heads ONLY! Three colours available and they are Black, pink and red all in 6 styles and you can also choose on the HUD to include the matching colour lips or you can just select the eye make-up. You can hop on over to the main store and grab these.

The Pose I used is By Poseidon and this is also at FGC. The one I used is from “Riddle of Steel – Fire” and is one of the COMMONS, there are RARES and they are the couple poses and there are male versions that are “Riddle of Steel – Ice” I was very lucky to be asked to make the vender for these poses and I feel very privileged to work with such a talented pose maker.



Other stuff I am wearing……

CURELESS – Dragon Halfbreeds Gacha Set @ FGC


Scales RARE

Feet, tail, hands and whiskers in COAL – COMMONS


Catwa – Candy Mesh head with skin By Lumae “Eirtae” Bare “Milk tone”

That is all for now lovelies ❤ Happy Shopping!


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