NEWS! from ZIBSKA and Aii.

NEWS! from ZIBSKA and Aii.

We ❤ Role-Play is open 4th-30th May.


I am wearing…


“Nesrin” (Mask) Is just one of the set’s that are by ZIBSKA at We ❤ Role-play event, This is mesh with five attachments and a colour change HUD that has 10 colours for the roses, 18 colours for the gems, accent gems and beads. Zibska also has a group gift for We ❤ RP’s Birthday and you will not want to miss out!

Aii – The Ugly and Beautiful

“Moon Princess” I am wearing the Ribbon suit in black and the Shawl in black, Both of these are mesh and are one size, The shawl has two versions with arm AO and one without, What that means is, The arms will stay in one place if you wear the version with the AO and the opposite with the other version. the hair sticks “Priestess Hair Sticks” are also by Aii and although this is an older version they are in her main-store together with the hair, this is “Monster Girl” with black horns, there are 3 sizes and a non-rigged version all with a choice of black, gold and silver horns.



“Not the Droid” is a previous FF items, I am wearing the Black version and these are RARE.

Other stuff I am wearing,,..

Tentacio – Galatea Doll – skeleton RARE

VCO – Risa Mesh head

That’s it for now my lovelies <33


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