Dedicated to YOU!

New skin by Bodyform, Colour me Project and must have’s from Fantasy Fair.


I remember when I was a little girl, I would read all the time, My favourite books were those By Enid Blyton especially the one’s that told tales of the fae folk. I would get lost in those books for hours and hours, Picturing the stories in my imagination and really, really believing that faries, pixies, goblins and towns made of treacle pudding were real. As a child life was almost never fair,  books and imagination were my saviour.

My Mother worked hard in a fish and chip shop, My older brothers and sisters caring for me. She was always a hard working person and I’d want for nothing but mostly I’d just want her. Now I am grown up and sadly my Mother is gone, so this post is dedicated to her, Anne Letman left us in 2003 at the age of 63 she had cancer of the oesophagus, Diagnosed in July chemo and then an operation in the new year…. and then 4 days later she collapsed and we were told it was terminal, They said six months, she didn’t want to know, but we knew, we knew…. She passed December 17th just before Christmas her favourite time of the year. Her last words to me “Don’t worry about me, I am fine”

FF means a lot to me and this is why, so I am not going to waffle on about designers and prices and how much you need to donate because you already know and I want this post to be purely for the reason why I am so honoured to be a part of FF.

If you are fighting, Be strong! If you are missing someone, Be strong! And if you have fought the fight and won the war, I salute YOU ❤



Fantasy Faire

Choker – [EvelineinInTheBox] – Sarah

Hair – Analog Dog – omega – blondes

Head piece – Belle Epoque – Prue

Armlet – LOULOU&CO – HEXA Sentier

Pose standing – ROQUAI & NAMINOKE  (collaboration) – Pamakhala (pose) – Sakura Petal (attachments)



Unicorn – JINX – Mystical Unicorn Reclining –  Lao – rezz with poses – COMMON

Faires and pixies – Petite Plunder  – Sylvan Fae

Tree – [CIRCA] –  The Dreamers Series – sleeping willow


Skin – BodyForm – Charlotte Skin – standard and HUD’s

Bodysuit – MMC @ Colour me Project – Becky – standard layers and HUD’s

That’s all for now ❤

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