More from Fantasy Faire! And a NEW store release from SlackGirl!

I have more to show you from Fantasy Faire today, I have also taken all the photo’s for this post on The Golden Delta sim that is sponsored by Fallen Gods.

The Golden Delta sponsored by Fallen Gods

Fairelands Junction sponsored by Roawenwood

Above are the links to the faire.


Onto the good stuff! Below is everything I am wearing that is available at the Faire. Before that, I am wearing Catwa Candy mesh head, Eyes by IKON, Maitreya mesh, hands and feet and an Omega HUD that converts all my meshes so that they are Omega compatible, If you are not sure about using the HUD’s or buying them or installing them just hit my comments and I will help you as much as I can.


My hair is by Wasabi Pills. “Cleo” is mesh and just one of the three styles that they have there. There are 8 colour pack  HUD’s to choose from and I am wearing the B&W pack. This hair has the small studs at the front and there is also a HUD to change the texture of those or even hide them, so you do not have to have them showing if you do not want to, An alpha layer is included for none mesh heads and works fine with mesh heads without needing the use your mesh head alpha HUD. ( Wasabi is on Golden Delta – already linked)

Attitude is an Artform  is one of the faires themed stores on the Damgarnon sim sponsored by DRD. They have a full set available that is exclusive to the faire and shall be on the market place after the event. From the set “Fathom” I am showing you the collar, it is mesh and it is sizeable and also mod (except the script).

LOVE  is another themed store and is on Tinkers Hallow sim sponsored by Epic Toys. So much awesomeness from LOVE and this time around I have chosen to show you the “Black Moon” set, both the horns and the head chain are included, the horns cannot be stretched but can be moved and the head chain is sizeable via click and edit.

I have chosen wings by POSH PIXELS and these are from the set “Destruction” the set does have other items that are in two styles Goth (Corset) and Noir for boots, the corset has a texture change HUD both of these items are mesh and come in 5 standard mesh sizes for the corset and boots, Also available are black, blue, purple and red bodysuit and these have standard avatar layers and Omega compatible HUD’s, An alpha is also included. Posh pixels can be found on Blackmoor sim Sponsored by Arcadia.

Vengeful Threads is a featured store on The Golden Delta and rightly so, This amazing attire is screaming Egyption Goddess. “Anubis Bride” is an outfit that does include shoes (Not worn) the pouldrons, cuffs and skirt panel (Mesh in 5 standard mesh sizes) The rest of the outfit has standard layers for none mesh and Omega compatible HUD’s, The top half does have two options and they are higher and lower cut necklines.

Dark Passions – koffin nails is also on Blackmoor sim with “Cat’s Eye” nail applier HUD’s that work with maitreya, omega and slink mesh hands and feet, each HUD has 9 colours to choose from and each one has the yellow cats eye in the center.

That’s all for the Faire ❤


I finished the whole outfit off with this very cool make-up by SlackGirl, Whilst Vanessa was taking shots for the vender she sent me a screenshot of the make-up and I was very O…M…G lol, it surely is right up my street! This is “Fuga” available for Omega and Catwa and each pack contains standard tattoo layers, this is a FULL face make-up so will only work on heads that allow that feature, you get 8 eye shadows and each one has the black mouth. You can find this in-store.


And my dears that concludes todays post ❤ Happy Happy Tuesday! 😀


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