More from The Fantasy Faire!! Ft 7DS!

.Aisha. 7DS, Analog Dog, LOVE, Poseidon and Mistique. All at The Fantasy Faire.



Fantasy Fair



Dress – Mesh in 4 standard mesh sizes – worn with maitreya mesh body. An alpha layer is included for none mesh bodies.

Bracelets and Collar – Mesh one size and sizeable

Mask – Mesh one size and sizeable


7 Deadly s{K}ins

“Ymke Drow”

Skin – Body HUD’s for TMP, Maitreya and Omega compatible meshes, with or without cleavage options.

There are five head HUD’s and they are, Faun, Goth, Glossy, Freckled, night out and Drow, The difference being make-up styles and freckles.



Analog Dog


Hair – Mesh, Standard hair bases included and bald head base. Various colours available.




Butterfly Antlers

Butterfly Queen

Dawn Chorus




Vines – worn on arms and legs – All come in 5 standard mesh sizes.


Poseidon  (Marketplace)

Main Store


Pose 3

The set includes green orbs that I am NOT using in the photo’s.



These photo’s were taken at Garden of Whimsy.

That’s all for now ❤


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