Fantasy Faire 2016 is OPEN!!

14 sims!! In all, 10 to shop on, one quest sim! An arts and entertainment sim, one festival sim and the Junction that has the memorial and silent auction.

You have full access from now till March 1st!

There are 180+ designers taking part and why is Fantasy Faire so special!? (Besides it being the biggest Fantasy events on the grid) The event supports and raises money for the American Cancer Society’s A world without Cancer, Now I am sure we all know this is an amazing cause and having lost a brother and a Mother to cancer I am very humbled to be a part of the blogging team so that I can do my best to help also ❤

So on we go with my very first items from Fantasy Faire 2016!


I am wearing the complete avatar from [ Autogenica ] “Lucia, The Lady of Light” included shape, alpha layer and attachments, also by [ Autogenica ] is ” Jules Fantastical Flying Framework” This is a back attachment that has a HUD to hide the wings if you wish, it has a steam punk feel about it but works great together with the avatar. The store tags take you to the Blackmoor sim and it is sponsored by Arcadia.

The Fantasy Faire webpage is attached to the logo below.


Happy FF 2016!

Have fun and I will be back soon with more wonderful creations 🙂


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