7 Deadly Skins is at Bomnshells!! AND UPDATE from Catwa!

7 Deadly Skins is at Bombshells Event, A monthly event for mesh body lovers! AND an important update from Catwa!


Today I have a beautiful skin to show you, It is of course by 7DS! This is “Maud – Pineapple” a beautiful female skin that has HUD’s that apply the body texture to slink, tangos, phatazz and omega compatible meshes. The face has five options that go from 1-5 the difference is not the tone of the skin but the amount of freckles that show on the skin. I am wearing mine with Catwa mesh head which, BTW has NEW update just released today is V4.9 A very important update that allows you to have lashes and makeup! without using the blend/mask option!! Go grab your update! I don’t have mine yet because I wanted to get all this news to YOU!


Where can I get this skin!?!?!

The skin is at Bombshells a monthly event that started on April 15th and runs for one month!! This event is for all applier and mesh lovers so be sure to go check it out.

That is all for now, I have more news to come from ZIBSKA and The Fantasy Faire! Ahhh excited!? I am!


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