Chemical Princess, Diva’s Inc, Poseidon & Blasphemic!

Chemical Princess, Diva’s Inc, Poseidon & Blasphemic! 

I have mixed some old and new for this post, I was passed some poses and had so much fun using them that I thought why not add everything I am wearing and tell you about it all, so here I am and here you are 😉 Let’s get down to it!


My shirt is By BLASPHEMIC  and this is from the “ZOOOO Cute shirt” collection, the one I am wearing is “Cut You” and has a creepy cute unicorn on the front that has a shank tied to its horn and the phase “I will cut You” There are 6 others in this collection and they are all brilliantly creepy cute.

The leggings are By Chemical Princess and are “Sinister Leggings – blood” a HUD to apply the texture to Omega compatible meshes and standard avatar’s is included.

The shoes are an older release from Diva’s Inc I used these because they are not only awesome but go very well with my Harley look I was going for, These are from the “All Stars Extreme” collection, They fit slink high feet and I am wearing the Black.

My Make-up is a group gift at SlackGirl “Harley” has standard layers and HUD’s that apply the textures to Catwa and Omega. This covers eyes, cheeks and lips and that is why it is available in the appliers it is.


All of the above items were chosen to fit the poses I was handed, These have to be and I shit you not some of the best poses for action and emotion I have ever used…. They are By Poseidon and are from the “Harley” collection, You do get the props! either pistol or baseball bat, each pack has 6 poses and there are 3 packs in this collection. You can also check out Gryphon’s blog for any updates ect.


Anything else I am wearing is below…

Hair – Due – Nanako

Shorts – Takeo – Fantasy Sport – Bottom Sky  (Previous fantasy gacha item)

Head Catwa – Jessica

Body Slink Hourglass. (Hands n Feet worn)

Mwahz ❤ Happy shoppin’


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