TURB, Poseidon & Meva @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

TURB, Poseidon & Meva @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 

I visited a Dune INSPIRED sim yesterday for inspiration for this post. It is an RP sim but is OPEN to the public so if you fancy a wonder it’s called Al Raqis and there is the link 🙂 the photo below was taken on the sim.


This look is totally Desert sci-fi or any other fantasy genre! I mixed three designers together for this look (including pose & Prop) All the details are below ❤

Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Cap – Meva – Desert Cap – Black

TURB – The Wolf Crow – Iron – Female. I am wearing the whole set. belt, Chest Armour, Left & Right Upper & Lower Arm Armour, Shoulder Armour, Jacket, Boots, Gloves, Pants & Leather Armour.

Pose & Prop – Poseidon – Star Pose – S2 Princess with Blaster.

(TOP photo Pose & Prop) Star Pose S2 Artisan with Blue Saber


Other Items 

Genesis Head – Lilith

That’s all for now hunnies! Enjoy!


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