The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is OPEN!

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is OPEN! 


I bring you gacha goodies that are at this round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival “Star Wars V Game of Thrones” is the theme, Yesterday they opened the sim up to 60 because of the demand so hopefully you guys will have a better chance of tp’ing in, There is always Fantasy Gacha Carnival { Groupies } group that you can use to find out if anyone is leaving the sim or to trade those extra duplicate items you have required. I wish you all good luck on those rare’s and ultra rares and assure you that the commons are still just as awesome! So here it is below is what I am wearing from Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

⇓ I tried a random TP and got straight in! So keep trying ❤ ⇓

[11:44] The Fantasy Gacha Greeter: Welcome to The Fantasy Gacha! Join our group for the trading of your items and the latest news. 


[LAB737] Orian Gacha Set – Snow


Top – RARE

Shoes – COMMON

Upper & Lower Arm Straps – COMMON

Upper and Lower Leg Straps – COMMON

Nipple Shields – COMMON

Attachments either side of my head – COMMON

Bottoms – RARE


Breath – Cole’s Corner – White Walker

Poses and Lightsaber – {NANTRA} – A Song of Fire and Lightsabers

Hair – ~~~MempaMale~~~ Stella Hair – White – ULTRARARE

Tattoo – Suicide Gurls – The Warrior’s code – Fresh – maitreya/belleza/slink compatible – ULTRARARE

That’s all for the FGC!

Tongue – Aii – Long Tongue – White

Eyes Right – .ARISE. – Wosa – Red

Eyes Left – antielle – Distilled – Shine


Head – Catwa – Annie Vampire.

Body – Maitreya

Happy shopping my lovelies ❤


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