Testing Testing?!

Testing Testing?!


I’m going to use this as my “Rant post” whilst I am very grateful for my sponsors who I adore working with I certainly would not want to be working with someone who thinks they are some kind of SL royalty. I am very sick in real life and no I have not mentioned it till now because it is not important to sl life, I am also a lot of good things, so when someone attacks me in a passive aggressive manner I see no excuse, believe me I feel like verbally attacking people all the time but second life is what it is, and with that said I wouldn’t like to use my illness as a hindrance to anything in second life because it isn’t and I expect the same from the people I surround myself with. Do I log in and hang out with people? spend hours and hours talking in IM’s? No, I log in everyday and work hard to bring my sponsors and my readers the best I can, I don’t expect to be treated as a blogging photo genius because I’m not and I’d probably laugh at you anyways 😀 My point is, I don’t want to be around holier than tho fucktards! This is a no drama for ya lama area, have an issue please just tell me and help me with it if you know how? I always give 100% of what I am capable of and I can’t give any more unless I know how, so are we not here to help each other? with our knowledge? or just help someone to figure it out? I was just told “You can’t please everyone” and true that!

I have had some issues with people (Person) having time loading issues with my photo’s. I have asked the SL Blogger support group for help and was very grateful to talk to someone in IM about these issues.

I wasn’t aware that there were any issues until today when I got called out by someone (Not one of my sponsors) in a group chat where I had posted my flickr and blog links.

The only reason this is now an issue is because I don’t want readers not being able to see photo’s, isn’t that one of the most important factors? I can only explain so much in words how something looks but you still need a visual.As readers I really need YOUR help in trying to solve this issue should anyone else come across it. Now, you may pick up tones of sarcasm in this post and rightly so…. I would have preferred to be contacted in IM, I even IM’d this “complaint” to ask them what photo’s were giving them issues needless to say I had no answer so I am just going to take it as someone pissed on their bonfire to they tried to light me up, mission failed because I am actually glad it was bought to my attention so that I can TRY and fix it for all you lovely people.

At any time if anyone has an issue here or on flickr there is a comment box below, a message tool on flickr and if you want to get up close and personal you can IM me In-world HERE.

Below I am adding some photo’s in different ways, If you have any issues with ANY of these PLEASE comment and let me know the one’s causing an issue for you.

Using media upload from PC.


none edit saved to PC cropped in PS size 3620×2034 PNG


Green screen shot. piled using PS. size 2274×1962 PNG


no edit. no crop. taken using firestorm size 4000×2034 (size used as default in world)

Using embed code original sizes via flickr.




I’m not sure if any of this will work or get feedback but I had to try something. Thanks for reading ❤


11 responses to “Testing Testing?!

  1. Hi, All your wonderful pictures loaded perfectly fine for me. Could be the complainer has the computer issue.


    • Thank you! I did message them to ask but no reply I guess they may just have been having an off day! I have changed the file size on my last post so hopefully there will be no more “Off day” <333


  2. I used to have issues with people loading my pictures when I was loading them on wordpress as a large (4000 x 2000 ect) png file back when I first started my blog. I find now for loading on wordpress it’s better to save the pictures in photoshop using save for web and then save as a jpeg file. I find that this doesn’t lose any of the details and it saves as a smaller file that is easier to load and is better for your wordpress storage space. I still save it as 4000 but the file size is much smaller and easier to load. I think that no matter what size or format you load in some people will have loading issues depending on their internet speed, so you still won’t make everyone happy but uploading this way might help some 🙂

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    • This is what I thought, I was confused if it were my fault or not! I don’t feel I am responsible for someone having slow internet or a slow PC. How do I save to web? I feel so stupid now .. I always take 4000 and use crop and then auto resize so I’m not sure why they’re saying as such a large file?

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      • In photoshop when you go to file to save your picture it will have an option to save for Web. In that Window you can resize and change the file type etc. You aren’t responsible no, but unfortunately if you want the traffic then you need to keep loading times down as much as you can. Png files are larger files by default. Here’s a link about the safe for Web feature. http://graphicdesign.about.com/od/howto/ss/save_for_web.htm I hope it helps!

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      • Thank you! I thought I had it all figured out lol. I am glad though because yes, I want to make sure my readers aren’t having to wait to load pictures, I am going to try and do what you recommend and hopefully it will help, Thank you so much!

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      • you’re welcome! I hope it helps! I also find that uploading to wordpress rather than embedding from flickr works better too, I don’t upload pics to flickr now until my blog post is done so everything is up all at the same time 🙂 gives better exposure 😀

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      • I used to do it that way to, then my photos were not showing larger when clicked on so someone told me using the embedded code is better, I think I am going back to doing that again, I had no issues then apart from the photo not opening to a larger size.

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      • yeah I don’t think the photo’s not opening to a larger size matters much on your blog, you can upload to wordpress and then link to flickr in the settings, that way when people click on the picture it takes them to flickr. Personally, I have a flickr widget on my page, so if anyone wants to go to my flickr they can click on it to go straight there 🙂


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