More news from Time Killer Festival and POSES for all us thick ladies!

More news from Time Killer Festival and POSES for all us thick ladies! 

Hello there! I have some great designs to show you all today! Let’s start with Time Killer Festival, You can look at the details HERE for all information on dates and designers or skip back a few posts on this blog.


I am wearing one of the many awesome designs at the festival and this one it “SteamPunk” by Cave Critters Included in this outfit is Corset (In various standard mesh sizes and various fitted mesh for mesh bodies) Pants (In fitted and standard sizes and again for various mesh bodies) Hat with goggles and this is sizeable, Shoes and gloves, You also get the alpha layers for none mesh avatar parts. Beautiful detail! Thank you Cave Critters!



The poses I used for this shoot (NOT the top photo!!) are at PHAT until tomorrow! So hurry and go get them! They are by Chubby Bunny and this pack is called “Ivy” and there are 5 poses in all, If you don’t know about poses from CB then you will be surprised to know that these poses fit ANY size avatar, No arms in yo azz! Seriously check out the event and the store.


For anything else I am wearing please look below, I shall also include the location for all you steam-punk fans it is a great place to explore and take pics or just go chillax your mechanical wings ❤

Angel Claws – ARISE – gold RARE

Bat Wing Rocket – 22769 – Iron COMMON

Hekinan Earrings – JANGKA – Samurai set

Sharp Mouth Mask – Candy Crunchers – RARE

Steam Patch – Black Pearl – black flower – COMMON

Infected Eyes – TreVaH – White

Celine – Little Bones – The Light

Mesh head – Catwa – Jessica

Mesh body and hands – Maitreya – Lara

Photo’s were taken at New Babbage

That’s all for now ❤ Happy Shopping !


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