SlackGirl @ Cosmopolitan.New release from Aii.

SlackGirl @ Cosmopolitan.New release from Aii. 

Hey guys! I don’t know if you know by now but LL have chosen to do maintenance and SL is totally screwed.

Lucky for me I had already taken my photo’s for today’s post BUT if I miss something it is LL fault not mine! 😀

Anyhow, on to the goodness.


SlackGirl has these pretty eyebrows at this round of Cosmopolitan “Deep Brow” is a mesh attachment that will fit any head because it is sizeable, a HUD is included to change the texture of the gems and beads and you have 8 for gems and 4 for the beads.

The fur is from Aii “Inudaiyoukai” is a mesh attachment in black or white and each colour has rigged and non-rigged version so that you can make this fit any avatar, there are also three versions that drape differently.


Eyes are By IKON and are sovereign – poltergeist

Hair is by EMO-tions and is Phoebe

And bracelets, halo and necklace are from 5th Vintage Gacha and are by Cubic Cherry Kre-tions all COMMON items.

Claws are from Arise and are at Fantasy Gacha Carnival they are Angel Claws – black – RARE.

I am using a pose from ROQUAI it is Galleon set

I took the photo at Gates of Memories


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