Something NEW From Aii! For Men & Women! And a NEW Japanese themed Role-Play Sim!

Something NEW From Aii For Men & Women! 

Aii has just released a NEW avatar for both men and women! I bring to you “The Centipede” I absolutely love this avatar, it is so well made and looks awesome! In fact whilst taking my green shot pics I got an IM from someone saying how much they loved it and of course I pointed them in the right direction as I do you all.


“The Centipede” has three attachments, The main body, The top and the horns plus a HUD that allows you to change the colour of the main body, the belly of the body and the legs and horns, You also get an AO that works along side any other AO you wear as the priority is set to 6 so your upper body can move as free as it likes and your insect body will be still in place.

That’s not all, oh noooo, You also get classic tattoo layers and HUD’s that apply the tattoo to TMP and Omega compatible avatars in a range of colours that will match any colour on the texture HUD for the body, horns and top. Of course all this includes alpha layers AND UV maps so that YOU can if you wish make your own mods and re-sell BUT you cannot re-sell the original texture!! For any issues a Note card is in the pack to help you with those.


I am wearing mine with the Maitreya mesh body and used the alpha HUD to make the lower body parts invisible.

Need some place to RP and love Japanese themes? Then go check out  “Ehruhi the Cursed Isle” It is a NEW RP sim has just opened! You will need to be able to enter an Adult sim to play.

For anything else I am wearing just keep reading the credits are below…

Necklace – Wicca’s Wardrobe – Grammostola

Spider Legs worn on back – *Figment* Spider legs COMMON @ FGC

Claws – .ARISE. – Angel Claws – Pink @ FGC

Eyes – {SONG} – Vampy – coal

Crown – Zyn – Crystal Tentacle crown

Bindi – .Charm. – Chandria Bindi – Silver/Violet

Hair – Exile – You Send Me – naturals

Head – LeLutka – NEW Simone

My Photo’s where taken at IronWood Hills.

I have also included my first pile-up photo below.

James and the Giant Centipede


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