Something different from Aii. More from Pale Girl Productions.

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days I’ve had some RL going on, yuk! And I’ve been trying to use Photoshop, I DO NOT edit my blog picks at all and never will but I wanted to know how to give my photo’s more depth for my flickr account.

Well I know you all are not reading to find out what I have been up to so let’s get to the point and show you what a few of the most epic designers in-world have been up to!

A different kind of look for me today, I am sure you will agree… I can do cute! Lol, sometimes….


So what am I wearing? I’ll get on with it.

First of all I used a Genesis Head for this post because I don’t wear it often enough due to needing to stick to other heads for my sponsors items not being compatible with this head, so I thought let’s air this bitch out, It is “Lilith” and I am wearing the skin the head came with in milk with my Maitreya Lara mesh body.

The skirt, jumper “Capturing Snow” and necklace “Capturing Snow – Pink – RARE” are both By STRIKE IT and are available at Pale Girl Productions event Christmas on 34th Street. The jumper and skirt are both mesh and come in 3 standard sizes and one child size. The necklace is highly detailed and is so delicate, I have taken a close up photo of that so you can see how beautiful the detail is and honestly my pics do not do it justice!


Also at Christmas on 34th Street are my boots. These are “Cold as Ice – Light2” they are By Entice . There are two pack and each pack includes 5 standard mesh sizes and a colour change HUD that allows you to choose from three colours.

When you visit Christmas on 34th Street don’t forget to pick up some of the FREE gifts that are laid out for you.

Oh My! I just adore this hat! This is a NEW release By Aii and is “Warm Foxy – Shiro Blue” there are 5 types to choose from and each type has 4 different colours. These are so different to Aii’s other stuff and they really are the cutest, they do re-size via the old skool right clicky thing ❤


Hair is from Little Bones and is “Tonic” and my ring is By Katat0nik and is “Ballet Flower” (A previous free gift not sure if it is in-store”

And that’s it for now my hunnies! Have a fad day/night! Mwahz

Photo’s were taken at Frisland


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