A whole Lot of Humbug! Read on if you’re the Grinch, Krampus or Scrooge!

So it is no secret that I hate Christmas, in fact, I have cancelled it In Real Life and have gave my tree to my best friend ….. So I am actually putting more (NONE) Christmas spirit into my posts and it is definitely  all Bah Humbug! So if you hate Christmas I have the best Eff Christmas stuff to show you.


I shall start with the set I used for the main photo. The chair, Tangled Light’s, Happy Birthday Jesus and table of beers are all By DRD and is available at Christmas on 34th Street… I am a BIG fan so I feel like a tramp with chips….. (Translated  in the UK as a bum with a bag of fries… in other words? Excited) In fact when I received these items I had just finished feeding the DRD  Gacha at Arcade  for the house and the machine won so yeah all is forgiven xD The set is called “#notgivingaf xmas collection” these are not the only items in the collection and one of the others is a 10L gift! The red bench I used in the other photo is also By DRD and that is at Arcade from their Beauty and the Beast inspired gacha collection.

The Santa is “Cheeky Pete kissmyass – RARE” and he is part of the gacha for Geek Chic Creations at White Elephant Gacha, these items are exclusive for the event and that means you shall NOT be able to grab these after the end of the event so go go go (NOT YET!) they also have another exclusive so check that out too and also have 3 presents. One is located at the huge tree and two is located in the little shop.
GCC have selected items for 50% off on the sim during this event.


Onto what I am wearing

My rings are at Fantasy Gacha Carnival are are By Misha, The handwraps are RARE as are the nail rings the rest of the items are the COMMONS, this set is “Vangelis” and you can edit these to fit an y hands, I am wearing Maitreya hands and did some slight adjustments. Available in silver and gold with HUD’s to change various parts of each item.

From Christmas on 34th Street are some fantastic items! Two of those I am showing you in this post.

The hair is also at the event and this one is By MINA both materials and none materials are included in rigged mesh and a HUD for each colour pack that switches hair colours and hat colour. An alpha layer is also in each pack. This is “Nell” perfect winter hair!

My nails are From Figure and these are “Festival” you get HUD’s that apply the nail texture to Omega & Slink compatible mesh hands and feet.

Below are items that are at Totally Top Shelf “Black Krampus”

The necklace is “Batty Jewel Necklace” and this is From The Little Bat Store it is non-rigged mesh so is sizeable and includes a texture change HUD that has 16 colour options.

Lillith’s Den has my bat on a twig at TTS and this is “Plushy baby bat” an animated bat hanging off a twig in two sizes/options

My skin is By Stix  and this is “Leviosa Krampus” Standard avatar skins and HUD’s that apply the texture to Catwa, Genesis, LeLutka mesh heads and various mesh lips, Hud’s that apply to Omega, Visage and TMP bodies PLUS a combi HUD that includes cleavage options for belleza, Maitreya, Omega and slink and all classic tattoo layers, eyebrows and lady parts.


And more from my sponsors below

The shirt is By BLASPHEMIC  and this is in-store at ONLY 5L! it’s their Christmas special in mesh and comes with 5 standard sizes, This one is “Tits the Season” there are others to collect and at that price why not?

The Whoreshop! is at Bombastic fair  and my pants are part of the items they have there. “Plaid Pants” are available in 7 colours with HUD’s that apply the texture to Altamura, TMP and a Multi-HUD for belleza, maitreya and Omega meshes.

Chemical Princess is at Premium Only and they have my boots there for you, These are “Poofie Boots” and the pack includes an alpha layer for none mesh avatars, shoe base, boots and a HUD to change the texture with a choice of 13 colours in all, there are black and greys patterns and solid colours. These are mesh and can be worn with mesh bodies.

Oh My ! So much for you to go buy ❤ that’s all from me for now, I hope you have enjoyed this post and I hope you have a great day/night *Mutters “Bahhhh humbug…..”


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