Skin, Blood & Butterflies From Aii. E.V.E & bubble.

Forget blood sweat and tears, It’s all about skin, blood and butterflies! Weird? Well that’s how we like it.

I have some fabulous alternative designs to show you that are By some fantastic designers in second life.


Let me start with the skin I am wearing and the tattoo layer. These are BOTH From my sponsor at Aii The Ugly & Beautiful, My skin is from “Lady Of Sin” collection and this one is “Zaril” each pack has standard skins and HUD’s that apply the texture to omega compatible head and bodies and a HUD to install the texture to TMP again for head and body, there are two versions, with or without eyebrows.

“Filthy Crimson” is the tattoo I am wearing and is also from Aii, you get a whole lotta HUD’s to apply to face and bodies of omega, Belleza and Maitreya compatible meshes and a HUD for TMP mesh avatar, The red butterflies are also included and attach to various parts of the body, the one I have on my mouth is not the default attachment I just copied the chest butterfly and re-attached it too my chin then edited it some. Easy to do and if you are a regular reader you will know that I always try and make an outfit a bit different to show you other options. Standard layer tattoo’s are included and two types blood and more blood.


E.V.E  is a great designer and always releases the best in fantasy fashion. Today I am going to show you three items you can make yours from three separate events.

The first items is my hat, it’s a gacha item that is at Fantasy Gacha Carnival and is a ULTRARARE item from the “Atlantis” collection, this is Great Wave Hat in gold, it is re-sizeable via right click.

I have teamed the hat up with Body & Scarf from “Eatheral Collection” and this is at Pale Girl Productions event Christmas on 34th Street, available are 2 parts the body and the scarf or joined,  these are in 7 colours silver, gold, black, chrome, aqua, red and pink. They are rigged mesh and sizes are small, med and large, materials enabled.

Lastly from E.V.E are my boots and these are part of the “Atlantis” collection at Totally Top Shelf’s Black Krampus event, these are mesh, materials enabled and come in s, m and l sizes, colours are red, aqua and pink in two lengths, thigh and ankle.

The horns are also at  Pale Girl Productions event Christmas on 34th Street and these are from bubble “Krampus Beastly Horns” they come with a colour change enable HUD with 10 colour options to apply to the ram curled horns.

Other stuff I am wearing …

.. Head – Catwa – Annie vampire

Hair – Tableau Vivant – Burtonette – frizzy chic – naturals

Body – Maitreya Lara

Eyes – SONG – Vampy – Demon

Lashes – Mon Cheri– Falsies


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