A Christmas on 34th Street.

Here is my first post for the Christmas on 34th Street event presented to you By Pale Girl Productions!  This is a very christmasy event full of sparkles, angels, stars, snow and much more. Opens December 9th!


Today I am showing you an outfit that will be there and it is By ND/MD Cuties, This is “Xmas Angel Outfit” and the pack includes mesh Wings, Halo, Boots, Leggings, pantyhose, Top and 2 flexi skirt attachments that give the dress movement.


I am wearing the avatar from ND/MD Cuties because this outfit is especially for their avatars. This one is “Emmy” in pale, the pack includes a whole bunch of everything you need including shapes for 12, 18, 24 months old and 3 years old, This is the first time I have came across this designer and I am very happy I did because this avatar is super darn cute and I have to say the whole time I was taking these pics all I could say was omg, aweee and so cute ^^


If you’re tiny or are considering it or just want to take a day out of adulthood then go check out the lovely alea lamont @ ND/MD Cuties

Both poses and props are By p.o.s.e and they are “take you home” & “My little Star”

Hair is By D!va and this is “Jina”

And that’s all for now my lovelies ❤

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