In this post, fGC, SlackGirl & Chemical Princess.

In this post, fGC, SlackGirl & Chemical Princess. 

Hey Hunnies! I have two NEW releases to show you today and more collectables that are at Fantasy Gacha Carnival!


Firstly let’s talk about my shirt, it is from Chemical Princess and this is a In-store release, “Jess” is mesh in 5 standard sizes and 2 fitmesh sizes, A HUD to change the texture is also included and you have a choice of 11 textures to choose from! You also get an alpha layer for classic avatar bodies but this can be worn with a mesh body, I am wearing mine with maitreya lara.

My ring is from SlackGirl and this will appeal to all you trekkies!! This is indeed “Trek Ring” a mesh ring that attaches to the right hand (slink casual!!) A HUD to change the texture of the rings, gems and the main trekky part is included. You can grab this glorious geeky item from The Instruments  and yes the theme is “Star Wars” it is open now so go and check it out! Not yet …. I’m not done


Okay, I have teamed the above up with some awesome delights from Fantasy Gacha Carnival

My earrings are from JANGKA these are “Samurai Dragon RARE” I really love these and I didn’t have to edit them much to fit my head, I am wearing these with LeLutka Leda mesh head.

The sword… I just adore this, it’s from [SWaGGa] and is “Archangel Sword Blk/Blk COMMON” The detail is amazing! Seriously. There are 6 swords in all and all are COMMON and all are black based, the RARE items are Shields and you can see those on one of my earlier posts.

Candy Crunchers have this awesome mask to collect, “Reaper Mask” has 6 COMMONS and one RARE and today I am wearing the RARE the texture change HUD is also RARE and I used that to change the texture of some parts.


Both my necklace and bracelets are from Elysium These are “Eris Bracelet – black angel” in gold COMMON and the necklace is “Fawn Necklace – black angel” in gold RARE.

The hair is from Tiar it is mesh and is “Diana” The RARE that I am wearing is the mix pack a HUD to change the colour of the hair and the headband is also available.

Lastly and by no means least! Are my pants and boots, These are from Yasum “Scottish underground” also has a vest to play for and these are for men and women, you have to play the correct machine for your sex. The one’s I am showing you are EPIC and that set does include the vest and a HUD to show/hide metal parts, an alpha is also included and you can play for this in 4 mesh sizes

My eyes are from IKON and these are “Deadshine” in black.

And that’s all for now my lovelies! Hope you all have a great day/night ❤


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