Aii NEW Release!! E.V.E & JANGKA at Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Aii NEW Release!! E.V.E & JANGKA at Fantasy Gacha Carnival! 

Hi there! Today you may notice I look different to normal, I decided to use my Jex Avatar for this post, I know, I know, You thought I was always human…. Actually before blogging I spent most of my time as a furry and I really miss those avatars! I have way to many to let them rot away in my inventory so here you go! It’s furry time ❤


So Aii has JUST released my outfit “Kagun Garment – red” in the pack are standard layers for none mesh avatars and a multi HUD to apply the texture to omega, maitreya and belleza mesh bodies And also an installer for TMP Avatar, The rest is mesh and one size and available as rigged and non-rigged, the streamers on the back are flexi and move very nicely with your avatar. The texture is beautiful and you can see it live in-store on a model.

The crown and beads are also By Aii and these are at Fantasy gacha Carnival, These are both COMMON Items and are “Tsukiyomi Crown – silver/red” and “Magical Beads – red/silver” both items are mesh. As is my tail, also from Aii this is “Spaded Tail – dark – with markings” its animated via click. asianoutfitblogphoto

I am wearing two nose piercings that are both from JANGKA and also at Fantasy gacha Carnival, the one that curves down is “Samarai dragon – RARE” and the other is “Sangoma December B – COMMON”

My boots are at Fantasy Gacha Carnival too and they are By E.V.E, these are a ULTRARARE item and are “Atlantis ankle boots – chrome”

As I said before I am wearing the Jex avatar and you can get yours here, I have a MOD on mine and made some slight alterations that are easy to do ❤


That’s all from me for today ❤ Happy Friday!


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