Love Role-Play Fashion? Me too! Read below for details on the most important event on the grid.

I have some preview items to show you from the next NEW round of The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!! Opens November 6th! 

After a very LONG weekend off I am back and raring to go! And do I have a collection fabulous goodies to show you!


The dress and the shoes with socks I am wearing are all at Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Info Page) this coming round, They are By [Cloud] and are part of the  “Darling Angel Gacha” I am wearing the RARE dress and shoes (ALL RARES INCLUDE TEXTURE CHANGE HUD!) There are 5 RARE items to collect and 16 commons.


My lip piercing is also at FGC, They are By :JANGKA: “Stars VEGA Piercing” is one of the commons, 2 RARES, 1 UltraRARE, 8 uncommon and 12 commons are yours to collect.


Zyn are also at FGC with “Nouveau Angel & Moon Angel” gacha, The Halo is RARE, the necklace and the headpiece or both commons, the flying lantern is wearable and is RARE. You have two RARES (Halo- dark and light), 1 Flying lantern RARE, 4 headpieces (common) and 4 necklaces (also commons.) to collect.


That’s everything I am wearing that is from The Fantasy gacha, you can find more information HERE.

Eye’s – SONG – Runa – Frost

Nails are By TASHI, they are at FAD Event and are  “Fall Over Me” for Belleza, SLink and Omega.

Hair – Little Bones (Gift) – Birdie

That’s all for now hunnies ❤ have a great day/night and thank you for reading ❤ I’ll be back with more on my next post tomorrow Hugs & Kisses mwahz


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