You need Make-up for Catwa Jessica mesh head? Look no further! FacePalm NEW release! More from FAD and TTS Events!

There are many mesh heads on the grid and I own most of them, Recently I added Catwa Jessica mesh head to my collection and I was not disappointed! Usually I switch because I need to show you something that I can’t use with one type of body or head, since buying Jessica I have not taken her off!  I see a lot of designers starting to make “HUD’s” for the head and I asked myself why? And I think the answer to that question is they know it won’t fade out like so many of the others, Catwa is very customer involved by constantly asking for feedback on her WIP’s I don’t see a lot of designers doing that and this is what makes it even more worth buying because you know the customer care will be dealt with quickly and efficiently, Catwa have been around a LONG time and I hear that they are already working on another!


One of the Designers that are working hard on giving you awesome HUD’s for make-up texture for Catwa is SlackGirl. My eyeshadow is one of her designs for the head and it’s “Franz” in 8 colours each pack also includes standard tattoo layers for none mesh heads, when wearing these you will have to mask your lashes on the Catwa head or the alpha will knock some of the eye shadow out as always if you need help hit my comments or message Sinful Rhapsody inworld, These shadows will be available at WIEB Event . That’s not all of course SlackGirl has got you, She has also releases a MASSIVE pallet for the lips!! “L’amour” will  be available at The Showroom Event, You get 36!!! tones/colours… There is every colour you need trust me!


FAD Event is still open and my necklace by OXI is there, “Chained Necklace” comes in 3 colours, Firebrick (WORN) Green yellow and Pumpkin Gold. It’s mesh and sizable via right-click edit. This is a statement necklace! Is brash and bold and the details lovely.

Totally Top Shelf this round is “Survive or Die” and my hands/nails and cut’s are there, They are from Suicide Gurls, “Rage Nails & Gloves” have standard layers and HUD’s that apply the texture to slink hands, you can choose between blood or black and same with the nails, The nails are for Slink Elegant1 and I only own elegant so I edited each one by going into edit and then edit linked parts very easy to do! My leg cuts are also from Suicide Gurls and they are “Violent Knee” is a GIFT and has standard layers plus HUD’s that apply the texture to TMP. Slink and Omega compatible mesh bodies. These are not the only items Suicide Gurls have at the event! More awesomeness awaits you.

My eyes are by SONG and are also at TTS Event “Runa Eyes” are mesh and come in a wide range of colours, left and right attachments and standard eyes are included.


FacePalm have recently released my outfit that being “Cara” The dress is mesh and includes 5 standard mesh sizes and a HUD to change the texture to red and black or black, You also get my shoes and they are for slink high feet ONLY and a bracelet that fits on the right wrist (NOT WORN)


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