Need more epic designs in your life? Read on and find out what’s hot on the grid this month!

Nightmare Event! Totally Top Shelf! SlackGirl LASHES! NEW Shoes from Diva’s Inc! 


Nightmare Event is in full swing and has some of the most awesome and creative Halloween/horror/phobia creations I have seen in second life! Three of the items I am wearing today are there for you to grab and make yours. Read Below for details.

My choker and headband is by darkendStare. “Eyeball choker” is mesh and comes with a HUD to change the texture/colour into many options, “Plush Batwing Headband” is also mesh and has 6 colour variations for you to choose from (There is NO HUD for the headband)

Pure Poison have my wings that are attached to my back at the event, “Cute Wings” come in two types Angel & Devil, I am wearing the devil version.

My eyes are by SONG they are “Vampy Eyes” and are mesh, available in LOTS of colours, I am wearing the purple.

The tattoo is by T’ink “Heebie-Jeebies” has standard layers for classic avatars and HUD’s that apply the texture to omega and Slink compatible mesh bodies.

Nails are by Dark Passions – Koffin Nails have two sets of nails with HUD’s that apply the texture to slink, maitreya and belleza mesh hands and feet. I am wearing “Bleeding your Religion” and these have a variation of colours and the other set is “Spell Casting”


Totally Top Shelf never fail when it comes to quality designers. October brings you “Survive or Die” and the set-up is amazing! Perfect to shop till you drop (or get eaten by zombiez!) and then snap some pics to show off what goodies you have. Below is the information on what I have to show you today.

LuLu has my awesome corset for you in four versions “MelleFifi_Corset” is mesh and comes in three sizes, The panties are included and the pack has standard layers for classic avatars and HUD’s that apply the texture to Belleza, maitreya, omega and TMP mesh bodies. Today I am wearing the “Black Skull” version.

My septum is by TI “Bloody Septum” is mesh there are also earplugs to match but I do NOT have those on because my hair covers my eras :P~

For the photo’s I used a pack of poses by Eternal Dreams “survive or Die” are made for the event and also include an add-on that fits in your mouth to look as though tentacles are bursting from your throat, yep they are amazing! I’ll show you those at a later date. The pack includes ten poses and each pose has mirror image poses so you get 20 poses in all!


on9 is almost here (Opens 9th October) and SlackGirl have released two sets of fantasy lashes for the event, These are mesh and are movable and sizable Via click, each set includes top and bottom lashes, There is a HUD for each one to change the TOP lashes “Panic Lashes” is available in Rave and Tip colours, They are VERY easy to fit and take it from someone who HATES editing lashes!


Diva’s Inc have yet another NEW release! And they are my shoes “Peighton” These are mesh and fit Slink High Mesh Feet ONLY. Today I am wearing the purple/silver and there are so many more colours to choose from, the detail as always is amazing!

Hair is by Lamb @ collabor88 and is “Lust”

And that’s it from me for now my hunnies ❤ Happy Monday!!


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