FAD Event OPEN! Totally Top Shelf OPEN! SlackGirl @ Fashion Fair OPEN! Diva’s Inc shoes on SALE NOW!!

Hey beautiful people! I have to point out before you see the pics I’ve taken that I used different windlight settings for the make-up so that you can see it clearly AND because my graphics card is taking a dump on my motherboard BUT fear not a new one should be here in a week or so, just bear with me please, You may see a change in WL settings through out my posts until I get it fixed ❤ 

On to the good stuff! FAD is OPEN! Totally Top Shelf is OPEN!! SlackGirl has NEW releases at Fashion Fair AND Diva’s Inc have NEW SALE ITEMS!!! 

!st Ocotbermain

FAD is OPEN for this round of “Frightfully Fabulous” and I have two designers items that are there to show you. My outfit is from Wicca’s Wardrobe “Avicularia” is an outfit that includes my dress in 5 mesh sizes and an alpha layer for none mesh avatars, an attachment that is the web on my back and spider attachments for both the web and the chest, also included is make-up layers for classic avatars, gloves in standard layer and HUD to apply to slink , I am NOT wearing the make-up or gloves because I am wearing a mesh head for purposes of showing you my make-up. My necklace “Grammostola” and headdress “Myostola” are to match the outfit and are also @ FAD From Wicca’s Wardrobe, The whole set is in “Cocoa”

My nails are also at FAD these are from TASHI and are “This is Halloween”, HUD’s that apply the texture to Belleza, Slink and Omega are included, I am wearing the first selection on the HUD.


YES!! Totally Top Shelf is now OPEN! For this round “Survive or Die” Endless Pain is just one of the many designers there and they have my tattoo available to you, “Evil” Has HUD’s that apply the texture to Maitreya, Belleza, Omega, Slink, AND TMP installer PLUS standard tattoo layers for none mesh bodies. There is also a group gift available to be sure to grab that to.

!st Ocotbermakeupwl

Diva’s Inc have NEW sale items, today I have the FATPACK to show you, “Caliente” really are HOT, AND priced at JUST 99L!!!! for the FATPACK! You need to be fast to grab these because they are only on sale for a limited time! These are for Slink High Feet ONLY and today I am wearing the “Black/wicker”


Lastly but by no means least! I have to show you what SlackGirl has at this round of Fashion Fair’s Autumn Edition, “Ariel” is a combination of two attachments and eyeshadow that fit and have HUD’s that apply the texture to CATWA (WORN), EVE, LeLutka and TMP mesh heads, each pack includes standard tattoo layers for classic avatar heads, The bottom lash fits under the curl add-on both are mesh and both have a built-in menu to resize to fit, Each HUD has 8 colours of the eyeshadow and the same amount for each tattoo layer.

My Lips are on the Catwa Head HUD.

!st Ocotbermakeupuse

That’s all from me for today hunnies ❤ The weekend is upon us! Smile and enjoy it! ❤


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