Three events you must attend! Apply Me, Aristo & Scream for Me.

The WhoreShop! At Apply Me, Glasgow Grin at Aristo and Show me on the Doll at Scream for Me. 


The WhoreShop is at apply me and they have my skirt and shirt there, “Edice” is a full outfit and I shall include the vender poster so that you can see the other shirt and the color selection. You get standard layers for none mesh bodies and a Multi HUD that will apply the texture to Maitreya, Belleza, Altamura and Omega compatible mesh bodies you also get an Altamura av3 Hud and TMP to apply the texture to those bodies, Skirt panel comes in rigged and fitted mesh.


fullEdice Collection ADoutfit

Aristo has some wonderful designers and one is Glasgow Grin, I’ve posted their items a few times already and that’s because I really love those items, they are so versatile, one being my nails previously posted HERE and the arm warmers posted HERE these are a must have for YOU 🙂

Two designers from Scream for Me, Let’s start with my backpack from Immortals Avatars, its a gacha item and this one is “Zombie Gothic Girl” and it is a COMMON, it’s sizable and is mesh.


The Chaise is from Show me on the Doll also at Scream for Me this is “The Burton Chaise” (Bloodied) it is mesh and has 6 built-in animations. There is also a bed that matches and I have that rezzed in my home to show you another time!

My shoes and my hair are both at this round of collabor88

The rose in my mouth is from Katat0nik, it usually fits in the eye socket but I edited it some so it is in the mouth.

And that’s it from me ! You all have a great day ❤


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