SlackGirl @ Aristo and a Dress for all you sea dwellers from Stargazer Creations.

Aristo is still going and the Theme is Grand Tour. 


Aristo is in full swing and today I have awesome make-up to show you that’s there. It’s from SlackGirl, “GrandTour” is for none mesh heads only!!  It’s a full make-up with lips, beauty spot and heart tattoo just under the right eye, You get 8 variations with the lip color and also included is the make-up base. I hate the standard head but I really love these and I have to say they really make the head look so awesome, I took the photo’s under water and there was no glitches! That’s a win!


My dress is from Stargazer Creations, “Unspeakable Beauty Gown” consists of mesh and none-mesh with the main dress mesh and leg attachments that make the skirt being none-mesh everything else is mesh! 5 standard mesh sizes for the gown, the collar is one size as are the tentacles. The set also includes a veil in 3 mesh sizes and a mask but I am not wearing those for the purpose of having to show you the make-up. The whole attire is gold and the quality is beautiful!



I’ve linked both stores so please go and check out their other designs ❤

Enjoy shopping ❤


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