As promised I have the nails from yesterdays post to show you. 

Aristo is OPEN!

Glasgow Grin have my arm warmers and nails there. The warmers are a gacha item and the nails are not so I shall add the vender photo so you can see what you can collect.


Let’s start with the arm warmers “Lalita”, They are mesh and come in 6 standard sizes for left and right attachments. There is an alpha layer for none mesh bodies. Today I am showing you the Black and They are RARE.

My nails are “fleur” and have HUD’s that apply the texture to Omega and slink, You get 8 colours on the HUD.


As far as appliers go if you haven’t been told yet, Slink is now omega compatible, You need to go to the Slink store hit the re-delivery for the items you own and then go to Omega and for mens it’s on the bottom floor and for ladies it’s on the second floor for the omega HUD buy it put ALL Slink mesh on , open and wear the omega and just click it and you shall see a message in local saying thank you and hey presto! You’re good to go! Both store’s are linked for your convenience.

That’s all from me for now ❤ Enjoy your day ! ❤

~Glasgow Grin~ Aristo Fleur Set - Slink & Omega Nails Appliers glasgowgringacha


3 thoughts on “Aristo is OPEN!! AND SLINK IS NOW OMEGA COMAPTIBLE!!!!

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