NEW From Facepalm! Fantasy Collective, N21 & Collabor88 items.

I have a new release from facepalm and some goddies I picked up from various events the last few days. 

I would have had this posted before now but SL decided to screw my SL up. All sorted now and back to it!


Everyone knows I have a dark side, it’s no secret, I love dark fantasy, blood & gore, The weird and strange always fascinate me so when I opened this shirt today I was instantly in love with it. “Stabby Ladies” is from Facepalm and is their latest release. In 5 standard mesh sizes and an alpha layer for none mesh avatars this T-shirt even has optional knives that stab you right in the back… Sound familiar uh? The shirt has a texture change HUD with 3 options, It’s just a flesh wound, secondlife survivor and plain black, black texture is still bloody on the back so yes you can still get stabbed in the back!

N21 is in full swing and that brings me onto my hair. It’s from Moon “Element” comes with the kitty mask and there is a HUD texture changer for both hair and mask also an alpha layer is included for none mesh heads and actually you will probably need to wear the standard head with this because I could not get LeLutka, Genesis, slink or TMP to work, I mean it fits but part of the mask will not be seen especially around the lower head and chin.


My claws and tattoo are from Ama and are at The Fantasy Collective “The Grinder” fits slink relaxed and casual hands, Maitreya hands plus HUD’s to aplly the tattoo to Maitreya, Omega compatable and slink physique. And this set is For both male and female.


Shorts are an item from the last round of TTS and they are from !Chop Shop! “Queen Bitch” are mesh and come in a coice of colours and standard mesh sizes.

My shoes are from Breathe and are currently at Collabor88.

I am wearing Maireya Lara mesh body with the standard secondlife head.


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