TTS & Skin From Stargazer & Aii.

This going to be short and sweet today because my computer + Secondlife = a mess, maybe in need of a new card. Anyhow! Let’s get down to business!


Yesterday I got a random box, Very confused I did accept it because I could see it was from a store I’d heard of, Before I opened it I IM the sender asking why and how, Aggie Mactavish is the owner of stargazer store she designs themed creations around fantasy and syfy, well she very kindly sent me some of her items because she had seen my blog and liked it! I honestly feel privaliged and honoured that she liked my work ❤

One of the items she sent to me is my skin, “Nophia” comes in Azure, carmine, juniper, medallion (WORN) and violet and is at Thrift Shop. Included in each pack are appliers for Omega (worn with slink full mesh avatar) face and body, Uni ears and Nail Polish HUD, Standard skin is included with and without cleavage plus eyes none mesh and mesh! So you get a whole lotta awesome for your L’s. The appliers will work with any omega compatible mesh bodies or heads, it’s important to know that.


Many thanks to Aggie for giving me the opportunity to post her items I am very humbled.

My staff is at Totally Top Shelf and it’s from SWaGGa it’s a gacha item and I am showing you the RARE Cobra “Royal Staff” also comes in commons and they are elephant, falcon, jaguar and snake plus two kinds of chalice with lid and without, An animation is included in the staff.

My tongue is from Aii “Longue Tongue” comes in an array of colours, rigged and unrigged mesh, male and female versions and 3 types, normal, burnt or bloody, Today I am showing you the gold.


The rest of my items are different things I have collected from different events so I’m going to list the designers below.

The Forge


C L A Vv.




That’s all for now my lovelies ❤ Happy Friday, Enjoy the weekend!


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