New Tattoo LIMTED addition from SlackGirl & More exclusives from TTS.

I have a new and exclusive tattoo from SlackGirl. More designers from Totally Top Shelf and Boots from Blasphemic.

I haven’t posted as much this week because I’ve had a lot going on IRL. Hopefully all is settled and I’m back to bugging you on a daily basis.


Let me start with these must have items’ from my sponsor SlackGirl.

Eyeshadow “Pria” is currently at this round of Cosmopolitian. Appliers are available for LeLutka, EVE’olution and The Shops! Each pack does include standard layers also for none mesh heads. “Pria” comes in 8 colours and today I am showing you #08 on LeLutka mesh head “Leda”

Lips “Athena” are at Designer Showcase a monthly event. These are also by SlackGirl, “Athena comes in 10 colours and appliers for Altamura, EVE’olution, Slink Visage, LeLutka and The Shops! As always standard layers are in each pack for none mesh heads. Today I am wearing #09.


I have one more to show you from SlackGirl and it’s my tattoo on my back. “DGeisha” is an asian inspired tattoo and comes in light and dark with appliers for TMP, Belleza, Slink and Maitreya, also standard layers for none mesh bodies. You can grab this tattoo from fashion limited. The event started today and runs for one month BUT be fast! Because this tattoo is exclusive to the event and also limited ONLY 25 COPIES WILL BE SOLD! and then? it will be available nowhere else!


More from SlackGirl can be found on Facebook, Flickr and the webpage.

Let’s move on to Totally Top Shelf, This is their one year anniversary!! And also my very first event as a blogger!

Bliensen + MaiTai has this awesome GoT inspired set at totally top shelf. “Royals of the North” is a gacha and comes in silver and bronze (I am wearing the silver) I will add the vender below so that you can see the commons and rare and their colours. This set is mesh and just to note, the nipple piercings are the “Pins” I just copied and moved them into place! Easy to do, So yes these are mod and they are trans.

Bliensen - Royals of the North - Gacha Gacha

Another item from TTS is from The Plastik Flagship Store. “The Knight Ring” is mesh and comes with a HUD so that you can change to texture to a range of 25 colours. I’m wearing slink elegant hands and it fits perfectly! And it WILL fit your hand’s no matter what shape and size you are!

My shorts are also at TTS, they are from !Chop Shop! “Queen Bitch” are mesh in 5 standard sizes and unrigged mesh (Can resize) also an alpha layer is included for standard none mesh bodies. These comes in a wide range of colours! So you will definitely find one to suit you.

I used poses from La Jolie Rose and these are at TTS. “Dramatic poses” include 8 animations and also a katana prop for each pose.

Lastly but by no means least are my Boots. These boots are also a new release from Blasphemic “GaGa Boots” are un-rigged mesh so you can re-size them, I am wearing mine with no mesh feet and maitreya body. An alpha layers is included for standard avatars.


That’s it for today my lovelies! For anything else just look below. Enjoy! ❤

Hair –  Little Bones (GIFT) – Glass Leaf

Eyes – IKON – Odyssey – Glass

Nails – ~GD~ – Sweet Jezebel (XLong) Gemmed – For Slink Elegant


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