Newness From Chemical Princess & Aii.

Two brand new releases from Chemical Princess and Aii. 


I’ve had this CoCo Fashion Doll for everrrr…. and I was very disappointed with the lack of clothes available and after trying designers mesh designs NOTHING would fit!! So frustrating because I really do adore this avatar. Last night I was putting together my outfit’s for the next few posts (Yes I do that!) And decided to try the coco doll avatar with fitted mesh, to my absolute delight with some adjustments to my shape I could get it to fit, However, I want you to be aware that for some of my poses I did have to max some sliders out. Why? Well, because fitted mesh moves with the basic sliders so because this avatar does not have an alpha HUD (I hope they will soon!) That’s what I had to do, it did not make any noticeable changes to the avatar I used the edit shape JUST so that the avatar did not poke through the dress. So please be aware that if you are going to try other items with this avatar try FITTED MESH ONLY.dollymain

Anyhow, on to the good stuff. My dress “Kanny” is from my sponsor Chemical Princess, It’s fitted mesh and that means it should fit mesh and none mesh avatars, There is a HUD with the dress so that you can change the picture on the front, 7 different textures on one HUD, just wear it and click the one you want, done!

Onto my shoes “Spider Heels” are also from Chemical Princess, These shoes are mesh and work with slink and lucky for me they also worked with the coco doll high feet. Spider Heels come in Grey (worn), Red and Purple.


My tongue is from Aii, It’s a new release “Long Tongue” comes in a wide selection of colours for male and female there is also a rigged mesh version so you can edit the fit via click and edit. Today I am wearing the black rigged mesh tongue. There are two versions for each one , burnt or bloody.

For photo effects I wore two types of hair from Argrace, “Sakie” and “Akane” Both are from the reds packs.

I took my photos at HuNaNoiD one of the LEA sims, be sure to visit the rest there is some fantastic places to take pics!

That’s all for now hunnies! Anything else will be linked below ❤ Enjoy!!

Body – CoCo Fashion Doll avatar

Head – CoCo – Adele (FREEBIE)

Headband – Dirty Stories – Barbed headchain

Headdress – antielle – part of an outfit from desdemona gbadu

Collar – Things –  Plumet Neck Corset – Black (Includes butterflies)


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