Aristo Event open 10th July, MMC and NEW release from AII.

I love doing fantasy posts, I get carried away taking pics…. Today I made 80! 😮 I know, I know… Anyhow, I have some goodies to show you today From Aii The Ugly & beautiful, Aristo Event that opens on the 10th of this month and MMC.

ironthrone main

I’ll start with Aii The Ugly & beautiful’s latest release. I am wearing the Thorny Succubus Outfit, It comes in three colours Black, Red and Purple. It includes The thorny top, arm cuffs, Thorny bottom and a skirt in three different lengths they are all long and all items are mesh . As always Aii done herself proud this outfit is plain awesome Fit for any fantasy Queen! She also made this fantastic skin and eyes , I previously posted them HERE. So look there for more info because I posted a GIF to show you how the eyes animate. You can also visit Aii on the marketplace here.


I’m very excited to be posting my very first item from The Nebulae! it’s for Aristo Event that starts 10th July! This set is called War of the Roses and comes in silver and gold (silver worn) You can get the Diadem, Gorget and shoulder plate, everything can be re-sized via the edit menu. You can also v isit their marketplace here.


My bracelets are from MMC They’re the spiked bracelets and I am wearing the purple , Yesturday I showed you the red and they also come in white, brown, blue and black. They’re mesh and have a re-size script built in. You can also go to facebook and follow the store page here.

That’s all for today hunnies tomorrow I have a new shape from DB Dollz to show you and some other stuff ❤ Mwahz! Enjoy and thank you for reading.

Shoes – AZOURY – Innamoramento (TMP)

Hair – Little Bones – Feline (Group gift – 100L to join)

Body- #TheMeshProject Basic Body (F)

Shape- Own

Head- #TheMeshProject head (F) – Babydoll (deluxe)

Hand- #TheMeshProject deluxe hands (F) Feet- ~TheMeshProject

The Shops!


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