Limited Edition make-up from SlackGirl & New realease from M&M Fashion.

Heya pretties!

I noticed today that after trying a different way of taking my blog/Flickr pictures that I become more creative when finding a place to take my pictures rather than using “fitting” background, well we can say experiment over and I hope my work and effort haven’t suffered because of it but hey we all need to try these things and as a fairly new blogger I’m still learning !

I learned a very nifty trick! That I shall share with you and maybe I’ll try to do a video on it sometime! I know you’re dying to know! right? RIGHT! Well my hunnies keep reading because after the credits I am going to share with you a very good technique to use on mesh hair…

Firstly let me tell you about these awesome creations I have had the privilege of  wearing.


I just love this outfit! It’s so cute, It’s from my latest sponsor M&M! I was approached by a very lovely lady to blog for M&M and after seeing the quality of their items I greatly accepted! This cute shorts and top is called Adalynn in 6 varied sizes and an alpha layer for standard avatar ( I am wearing the mesh project full mesh avatar) Also included are the very cute earrings. This outfit just screamed pin-up, suicide girl to me so I totally went with it because it’s very close to my RL style and I just love all that jazz 🙂 Well, actually I wish I could get away with this cuteness IRL but hey… That’s another story! anyhow, I’d like to point out that M&M also throw an edit anywhere HUD inside their folders and you know that’s just an amazing thing! It’s little things like that which can make diamonds in the rough so to speak. You can also visit M&M HERE for their marketplace store, HERE for Facebook and HERE for Flickr.



Oh SlackGirl how I love thee 😀 What girl doesn’t like make-up? And what girl doesn’t want to grab a Limited Edition?! well if you just said “duh” out loud then this eye shadow is surely for you. Fabia EyeShadow is a limited release from slackgirl for Fashion Limited a monthly event that’s happening right now! There are ONLY 25 copies available so hurry! What do you get? Standard layers for none mesh with appliers for TMP, LeLutka and EVE’olution in 8 different colours, I am wearing #08 with babydoll head from TMP. My lips are of course from slackgirl and are called City Lights available in 10 colours (I am wearing #03) you can get appliers for LeLutka, EVE’olution, TMP and standard head layers. These are at Designer Circle a bi-weekly event, this round started June 28th. You can visit their Flickr HERE and their Facebook HERE.

Here are more links for SlackGirl Flickr HERE, Facebook HERE.


The Love bracelet is from my sponsor GCC check her store out if you haven’t already! She has some lovely jewelery and limited edition gowns.

My ring is from Katat0nik and is at SOU as a free gift.

Body- #TheMeshProject Basic Body (F)

Shape- Own

Head- #TheMeshProject head (F) – Babydoll (deluxe)

Hand- #TheMeshProject deluxe hands (F) Feet- ~TheMeshProject

The Shops!

Eyes- Alyce – Sugar Eyes – Mesh – Fatpack

Hair – TRUTH – Demi

Shoes – REIGN – Penelope plats – saturday sale exclusive

Okay so the trick? I didn’t forget! When you wear some mesh hair you will notice that it will in some places be kind of see through when against some backgrounds. This bug is not the hair it is second life and how alpha layers work against each other. There is an easy as pie fix for this, First, make sure the hair is modifiable, either wear or rezz to the ground , I found it easier to wear because then you can see where it needs editing. Just right-click your goldy locks and go into edit, then select “Select Face” carefully click on the part you want to fix, go to texture TAB and set the transparency to 100, Repeat on all parts that are buggy and hey presto your manes are fixed! It’s okay don’t bow yet just go and shop for these goodies I’ve shown you *giggles* ❤


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