Girls (Or boys) Surfboard from MMC

Today will be more about the photos than the words because this post is just about this super cute surfboard, as I said in the header, Girls or boys because I know you don’t have to be a girl to love pink! This surfboard is from my sponsor MMC.

I have taken pictures of all 8 poses  and HAVE NOT edited them so that you can see each one clear as day. The poses are beautiful! It’s a rez object (Not wearable) so I rezed it in the waters surrounding my boathouse on St Johns sim, a fantastic place for taking photos and they welcome ALL. 

I shall link everything else after the pics. The undies I will put on my next post right after this one. and the hair 🙂

Thank you for reading ❤

sgspring_001 sgsrping_035 sgsrping_036 sgsrping_037 sgsrping_038 sgsrping_040 sgsrping_044 sgsrping_043

Click below for MMC Taxi


Body- Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Shape- Own


Head-   LeLutka – LEDA


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