NEW Release From SlackGirl & PREVIEW Items from Aii For The Origami Event (July 7th!)


Hello ladies & Gents (If you’re reading) Today I have some awesomeness to show you, as always 🙂 It’s a preview from Aii The ugly & beautiful and a brand new make-up release from SlackGirl (NEW Store Link). Let’s start with this beautiful kimono from Aii, It’s mesh and I am wearing the Akai from the pack Korusetto Kimono , there is also Buru, Kin, Kurai and shiro. These all have black as the main colour and then colour pattern added to it , as you can see from the picture the Akai is black & red. Also a alpha layer for standard avatars is included. I am wearing this garment with The mesh Project avatar , I did have to make some adjustments to my shape but nothing that you will notice because the kimono covers it well. This beauty is for the up coming ORIGAMI Summer Festival! As soon as I have a link for the festival I shall let you know! It’s open from July 7th. This is the second item Aii has there for you guys, check previous posts for the other. The headdress is also from Aii It’s a RARE from Priestess of Rose gatcha and this one is crimson. I have another preview from Aii coming soon and it’s for ladies AND gents! Look out for that.


Onto the Make-up, This is a brand new release for SlackGirl. It’s the Drama Lips & Drama Eyes, They both have appliers for LeLutka Head , TMP head and standard layers so you do not need to have a mesh head to be able to wear any of these! The Lips come in 10 different colours (ALL Pictured) and the eyes in 8 colours. I really love both of these and they go perfect with the kimono! In fact, they will go perfect with anything , they’re edgy , daring and dramatic!! Tomorrow I have another new item from SlackGirl for you it’s for an event that starts in a couple of days andddd that’s ALL I am saying for now SlackGirl heheh!

agce agcm

The necklace and earrings are from Earthstones It’s the asian influence set.

As always anything not linked above is below , Enjoy

Body- #TheMeshProject Basic Body (F)

Shape- Own

Head- #TheMeshProject head (F) – Babydoll (deluxe)

Hand- #TheMeshProject deluxe hands (F) Feet- ~TheMeshProject


The Shops!



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