New releases from MMC & FacePalm & Headdesk. Gatcha Items and Hunts.


I’m going to kill two birds with one post today 😀 Firstly I’ll tell you about the hair, hat and dress. They are from my sponsor at FacePalm & their hair and nails store  Headdesk. All of these items are for the beached bunny hunt 5, starting July 3rd! It’s 1L hunt and that means when you find the items you only pay 1L. All information about the hunt, hints, URL’s and hunt gifts can be found HERE.  The hair and the hat are in one pack by the name of Selene, hair is mesh and comes WITH a HUD that has four colour options, Black, Brown, Red and blonde. The hat is also mesh and I did have to edit its position a little  for it to fit but honestly it was a tiny bit. It’s a neutral colour with a black band and a white/white flower on the side of the band so this hat can be worn with any colour.The dress “Get to the beach” is also mesh and comes in one size that is fitted mesh and there is also an alpha layer for standard avatar, I am wearing Maitreya Lara Body and all I had to do was make my arms and back disappear with the Body Alpha HUD.

I have my septum on from my sponsor over at Db Dollz It comes in black, silver and gold. I wear mine almost exclusively that’s how much I love it. db Dollz are currently opening their in world main store so be sure to vistit, anything not up in there right now can be found on their MarketPlace. You can also visit their FaceBook &  FLICKR for other information and posts about their designs.

Okay I’m on the last run now so keep reading, That means you too! ❤ Because you don’t want to miss out on this sexy bodysuit & the cute kittie bag you see on the table? is from my sponsor MMC. The bodysuit is in store,  4 Different Textures Black,White,Pink and Blue.  Compatible With Regular Avatars and appliers for Omega, The Mesh Project, Maitreya, Belleza. The bag is a gatcha item, This one is the RARE Pig, The gatcha machine is right outside the store. I shall include the Guide imagine at the very end so be sure to scroll down to see what you can get.

I’ll link anything else below with the info for the gatcha bag ❤ Enjoy!


Body- Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Shape- Own


Head-   LeLutka – LEAD




AND as promised, The information on the gatcha kittie bag ❤

MMC gatcha bag

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