NEW Releases From Moeko for both men and women. Gatcha Items and in store! aii The ugly and beautiful .


I have something for men and women today! The RL partner and I teamed up once again to show you these fabulous Gothic goodies from moeko. Firstly I want to talk about my dress, It’s called Maria Muerta Dress and the roller skates they are Bonbon Rollerskates for slink, They are both from Moeko and are for the Candypop! Event which opens today until July 5th! They are both Gatcha! Items and available in 2 rares and 10 commons, The rares are black and white (black worn) and the commons are blue, fondant, fushcia, hyacinth, lemon, lime, mint, pink, primrose and sky. Yes, That’s for both of these items, ALL of them are super cute & gothic , The dress has a candy striped cropped shirt with a candy covered skirt and suspenders to keep it all in place in sizes XXS/XS/S/M/L including an alpha layer for standard avatars! The roller skates are so freakn’ cute with candy stripes , a tiptoe heel and four tiny wheels, Now they’re for slink but I did wear my avatar from TMP with Ouch! feet and just a tiny bit of editing to my shape for them to fit (ish) I would recommend that you do wear slink with them though!

Onto the cute backpack, It’s again by our sponsor Moeko and is for Bring Out The Dead Gatcha Event! It’s open from june 20th till july 18th! Again, Black and White are the rares (Black worn) and 10 commons in blue, fondant, fuchsia, hyacinth, lemon, lime, pink, primrose, sky and violet! So many colors! I just love the contrast of light and dark on all these items ❤

So today I chose to put on TMP avatar because I haven’t had time to try this skin since I got it at the FGC I believe the event is closed as I tried the LM and It says I don’t have access BUT I know where it’s from so I’ll tag Fallen Gods Inc . It’s called Lady of The Shadows- coal and was a rare item. Fallen Gods Inc have been around since the old days of beta 😀 and beyond! If you have nothing by them ….. Then what da ef is wrong with you!? *giggles* go, go there after you’re done reading 😛 This skin has appliers for Omega, SLink, soul uniear, TMP and standard avatar. The red body tattoo is also from Fallen Gods Inc again it was from the FGC  it’s called Deathcall- fire. So much detail in the skin and the tattoo ! They are both awesomeness! I also picked up the hair comb from FGC It’s by Velvet whip and is called spider comb tiara, it’s no copy but is mod so I made the middle stone red .

The necklace is currently @ The Conquest a GoT inspired event, it’s by Lost Junction. There are no rare’s , just 9 to collect. This one is Throat of the kingdom – We Do Not Sow, I changed the gold to red for the purpose of everything kinda matching , it’s mod and that makes me happy!

My face make-up is by Aii The Ugly and beautiful It’s the spirit dancer face paint for TMP. It comes with standard tattoo layers in black, blue, gold, green, pink, purple, red and white (red worn) I have some new releases coming from aii so keep those ears and eyes peeled.

Hair is by Tableau Vivant and is for male and female including an alpha layer for standard heads , it’s called Rileigh faux dreads.

Okay I think I’m done ! Hope I didn’t miss anything out and If I did let me know! Anything not linked up there will be now , Enjoy ❤

Body- #TheMeshProject Basic Body (F)

Shape- Own

Head- #TheMeshProject head (F) – moody (deluxe)

Hand- #TheMeshProject deluxe hands (F) Feet- ~TheMeshProject


The Shops!


And here are the credits for the male outfit prepared by the other half so excuse the lack of information! Just IM pfjrimmer for any more details that you don’t already see 🙂

Ladies & Gentlemen I bring forth from the past and into your SL universe
the Dorian Men’s Victorian Goth Ensemble, Created by



Comes in these assorted color’s ~

Chartreuse ~ {Current Color I’m Wearing}

And also these size’s with included Alpha Layer for standard avatars. XS, S, M, L, XL. I urge you to travel down to {MOEKO}’s Store and grab this awesome piece of apparel. 😀


Shape – (NIRAMYTH) – AESTHETIC – Advanced Mesh Body – ENZO 1.5

Skin – (NIRAMYTH) – AESTHETIC – Advanced Mesh Body – ENZO 1.5

Eyes – (NIRAMYTH) – AESTHETIC – Eyes (Blue)



Shoes – HOC Apparel – Leather Loafers

Hair – Modulous – Masaru Hair – Browns

Glasses -Flans –  Eyepatch’s

Beard – >> Aeros –  Beard Raul << Naturals :: basic five



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