PREVIEW From {aii} For the Origami Summer Festival Event July 5th!

I seriously thought for a long time what to do with this hair , It’s from my sponsor at {aii} The Ugly & Beautiful , It’s going to be at the  Origami Summer Festival Event July 5th! male & Female with hair sticks gives it that real Oriental look , I started with my usual avi that I’ve previously blogged and nothing was feeling “Right” for me …. So I went to bed … I woke up and after my third cup of coffee I had the “Light bulb” moment ! MY KEMONO! Rushed to the PC and dragged it out of my inventory , Gave it a blow to remove the cobwebs and put it on! I teamed it with the M3 anime head instead of the Kemono, Both are from utilizator. I love to swap and change avis but sometimes when blogging I just use my usual mesh body and head so I just wanted to show you that you don’t have to be a “Normal” avatar to wear your fave stuff! I mean , what’s Normal? Nothing in second life is normal , but, you get what I mean? Well I think it turned out pretty good ! I tp’d around looking for the right location and came across this really beautiful sim called Tiger Island  I get lost in locations , I love just finding the right place to snap pics it’s all part of the adventure , we often get lost in the fashion side of things in second life and forget to mention these beautiful places that are provided for us by awesome people , I know I am guilty of it myself! So I’ve made a mental note to try and remember to add locations to either here or flickr , sharing is caring , right? Okay so here’s the good stuff , below are your taxi’s and information , Oh and just to add if you do use the kemono or M3 head with this hair just resize your head and make it BIGGER you can get almost any hair to fit doing that ❤ Enjoy!


Body- utilizator  Kemono – human

Shape- Included (Moded)

Head-  Utilizator [M3+] – Head

Ears – Utilizator Kemono

Samurai Suit – Pequeña Amapola– Kemono suit

Hooves & Socks – *Slylan* Part of spikey Kemono set

Scarf – [Get Fit!] Shoshin’s Scarf Mesh

Hair – {aii} – + Aharu @ Origami {Opens July 5th}


Tail – Curious – Chinchilla – White

Staff –.::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. {Tangled}~ Rai} @ Alchemy

Head band – Candy Crunchers – Elf Crown –
Fantasy gatcha carnival

Unicorn – Culprit – UniQrn – PaleMist babyQrn
Fantasy gatcha carnival (FGC)


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